Ex-Olympic Skier Chemmy Alcott’s Experience of An Equity IV

Ex-Olympic Skier Chemmy Alcott’s Experience of An Equity IV

Earlier this year Equity ambassador and four-time Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott joined a group of our Party Leaders on an Easter Inspection Visit to the Alps.

Chemmy has written about her firsthand experience of the trip and how it could benefit you if you’re unsure whether to go on a future IV.


Being a retired pro skier, I was unsure of where my 20-year dedication to being able to ski as fast as possible would take me (my max race speed was 92mph!). My ideal job in retirement was to be a presenter on Ski Sunday. It was a huge part of my childhood and a big reason of why I wanted to be a female version of Alberto Tomba, so to work on the show is a dream come true.

But what about the rest of the season when I’m not presenting on TV or coaching with my husband Dougie? My biggest new passion is hosting, where charities, companies and individuals ask me to ski with them, shred the mountain and entertain them over lunch or dinner with my many snow-related tales. People actually aspire to ski with little old me!

chemmy alcottNever in my wildest dreams did I think the skills I spent honing for almost 30 years could be so entertaining for others. One of the hosting events I have most fun on is the Equity IV trip at the end of my season, which is a great way for me to connect with the teachers, as Equity’s brand ambassador.

During the last IV it was a privilege to meet highly excited, enthused and fun teachers letting their guard down. It was great to see them put aside the pressures of being a teacher and thinking about themselves for a change.

A school ski trip may sound like a jolly but it’s anything but. Teachers may be in the mountains, but they are fully focused on the safety and happiness of the students, learning how to support the instructors, picking up those who have fallen, taking those who are a bit chilly for a hot chocolate or helping motivate those who are facing confidence hurdles.

On the IV trip there are no kids, except for my toddler, but he stayed at the hotel with daddy - much to daddy’s chagrin! The IV is just a group of selfless teachers, who for a few days get a chance to focus on themselves – improving their technique, discovering their groups needs and have a well-earned beer at the end of the day, whilst overlooking the spectacular mountains.

Because of this, the atmosphere is always fantastically positive and fun. I love the Equity IV because I get to give a few tips which can quickly improve performance, and to be present in those moments is really special. Especially helping them push their boundaries. This year, the French World Cup team were training in resort with a built-in jump. Since I know the athletes and their coaches, we jumped in after their session ended. Watching those teachers charge through the air was awesome!

I feel the experience is greatly enhanced because all the logistics and decision making is being made by others. The Equity staff handle everything in such a smooth, easy going way. The trip always has structure but also room for the inevitable change - like an extra gluwhein!

I look forward to hopefully meeting you at the next Equity IV, make sure to put your name down to be the first in the know for any upcoming IV's!



- Written by Chemmy Alcott



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