Your Equity Ski Representative

Your Equity Ski Representative

During the peak weeks of the ski season we send hundreds of groups from the UK to Europe and America. When travelling with Equity, every ski trip has their own Equity representative. These reps are an integral part of every school’s trip and contribute hugely to their ski experience.

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Find out first-hand from Oliver O’Donnell what being a rep entails...


Who would volunteer to work on their week off? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Not if your work involves a week away in Les Deux Alpes in the heart of the Alps!

Back on the 1st April, I was embarking on a journey to take Marriotts Sports College from Stevenage on the holiday of a lifetime. The same could be said for me, although I had more responsibilities than them!

I introduced myself to the teaching staff and then gave my introductory speech to the children to get them excited for the week. We relaxed in the high-quality coaches and I went through the itinerary with the staff so I could understand their requirements for the week. Knowing exactly what they want ensures they have the most positive experience possible.

Fast forward a weary twenty hours or so later and we arrived! Fatigued? Maybe. Excited? Extremely! 
Snow-capped mountains, crisp, clear air and a sense of community that is unrivalled elsewhere.

The first two days for a rep are crucial in building a strong relationship with the school. Focusing on their needs and ensuring everything is ready for their first day on the slopes is key.

I fully researched the resort prior to departure and having that extra bit of knowledge goes a long way in fulfilling the school’s needs. Plus, it makes it so much easier to find the best pizza in town! I like to build up trust with the staff, so they can then relax and make the week as enjoyable as possible for the children. Ensuring the rooms are prepared, confirming meal times and organising ski passes and ski fitting are major tasks.

Showing my face during meals was hardly a chore when the food was such high quality! It was also a perfect time to socialise with the children and the staff as they reflected on their day of skiing.

During the mornings and lunches, we often discussed the evening activities for the children. This entailed what their entertainment would be and how to be organised for the activity. "Remember your ski pass!" "Dinner's earlier tonight!" "We will be meeting at 8!" All common phrases I used during the week.

Being a rep means working tirelessly throughout the week but we are also fortunate enough to be able to ski. With that in mind, we are always accessible through the day by phone if required. It was a smooth week and one as a rep that I thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully I'll see you guys on the slopes next time! "

Oliver is one of many peak season reps Equity employs as a support to teachers for their ski trip. With a passion for travel, he has set up a blog about his experiences:

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